SCM School of Competitive Math


The SCM School of Competitive Math (a non-for-profit organization registered with the Canada Corporation Act under no. 782145-0) was established in the summer of 2010, in Ottawa Ontario

Our Partners:

MathLink” - a math enrichment program for high school students in grades 9, 10 at Carleton University

Mathematics for Success!” - an enrichment course for high school students in grades 11, 12 at Carleton University

Fundamentals of Geometry” - a course for grades 7-8, at Carleton University

Latest news

The registration process for competitive math classes 2014 - 2015 is closed!


Competitive math classes are free of charge

The school offers two classes: one class for grade 7/8 students and one for grade 9 students


We are receiving funding from the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences.


We appreciate the support of Carleton University.